Hello, fashion world!

We’re Hallway Pass, bringing you the best of college street style. We’re a team of young women with a mission: to find the truly stylish in a sea of fashion victims. Our conviction? To bring the S in Style (and no, your LV bag won’t guarantee you a sure slot in our pages).

In our first installment, we kindly took the time to score some valuable advice from the everyday people who go to school. The key to college outfits is sensibility, and our first batch of stylistas show that being sensible doesn’t translate to being boring.


Samantha Chan

On Sam Chan: Dress-Mango, Belt-Mango, Sandals-Old Navy

Inspiration to her look: Celebrities from magazines and TV

Having hot and sticky weather in the middle of school season is annoying. One’s usually comfortable jeans become too warm and even the classroom air-conditioning refuses to keep the temperature down. Thankfully, Β  sundresses and sandals allow the right remedy for girls who want to beat the heat.


Paolo Monasterio

On Paolo: Shirt-H&M, Shorts-Urban Outfitters, Boat Shoes-Newlook

Another way to spruce up an otherwise drab get-up is to play with color. Candy hues are in this season, and with the right mix of neutrals and brights, one will be able to come up with an interesting color combination like this boy over here.


Sharlene ChuaSharlene Chua's shoes

On Shar: Top-Tiangge, Shorts-Tiangge, Shoes-Trunkshow, Bag-H&M

In school, the worst fashion crime one can commit is to commit overkill. Having too many trends on one outfit lead to a disaster. The best way to balance the elements of an outfit out is to create a focal point on your body. Shar does this well with well-coordinated clothes and interesting shoes.

exchange student

It is unfortunate that we weren’t able to get the name of this exchange student we found chatting with her friends along the corridor. What makes her outfit interesting is her complementary accessories. Without the heavy duty belt and industrial shoes, her dress would be drab. This girls proves that with the right eye for detail and matching, blah can easily go to ooh la la.