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Braggy works for the fashion industry. Yesiree, Braggy is Fashion. We caught her in one of the campus stairways playing around and were happy to find out that fashionistas can have playful souls, afterall.

We like how she mixes her grays and blacks with busy prints and even busier accessories. Well played!


It’s refreshing to see girls owning their femininity and donning pieces that are just about the right mix of girlish whimsy and lady-like chic.HallwayPass_CelOn the other hand, we also don’t oppose women who infuse a more masculine substance into their outfits.  We think Pamy looks uber cute and still extra feminine even in clothes that are on the more boyish side of the fence.


We’re not big on self-promotion. Most of the time, we just try avoiding it, but our two members were too cute to pass up on.

The rest of us are unsure if these two planned to wear similar outfits on the same day, but we like their monochromatic style and subtle hints of color. We think it’s refreshing to see girls properly dress up for school from time to time (although we have nothing against short shorts and daring necklines; we like those too).


We’ve noticed that a lot of trends are going back to metals and rocker-biker looks. Many RTW lines for 2009 are reintroducing studs, spikes, and leather to their collections.

We like how this sophomore softened the hard edges of her accessories with a flouncy skirt and too-cute tee. She’s the right balance of rocker chic and feminine playfulness. HallwayPassKaren

Less talk, more photos for today’s entry.

Some Hallway Pass girls set out to attend a themed bash (the ACTM General Assembly) in search for interesting outfits of the night. Mafia chic was the party’s gimmick, and boys and girls came in their most impressive Godfather get-ups.

HallwayPassKevinThose magazine articles are right: men do prefer to shop in just one store.

HallwayPassMJHere we see a cutesy way to accessorize a very masculine outfit. Paris pendant? Check. Pink shoelaces? Double check.HallwayPassJohnThis particular writer feels uncomfortable seeing Filipino boys in vests (especially in normal tropical weather conditions), but has changed her opinion upon seeing this succesful get-up. John has a nice torso, and the vest gives it enough attention without entirely overwhelming his whole look.

It comes with great pleasure to write about two individuals whose style sensibilities deeply reflect their interests. In this special entry of Hallway Pass, we bring you two distinctly different persons who have captured the essence of Japan. Not only do they both have a deep affinity for Japanese culture, they have also managed to translate that special quirk in their appearance.

Our featured show stoppers are in this entry for separate reasons. The first, to prove that one need not be in Tokyo to look like a cute manga character, and second, to portray the other, funnier, side of Japanese culture (well, look at Gian and you’ll know why).HallwayPass_Tata

Tata was initially iffy about classifying this particular look of her as “Japanese”. Her friends disagreed however. When you see in Tata in school, she might just be wearing an oversized shirt and jeans, but her choices of clothing, accessories (and yes, let’s not forget haircut) scream “kawaii desu!”.


Gian speaks Nihonggo like a seasoned pro and has no qualms about peppering his conversations with small tidbits about Tokyo. When elbowed to do this parody of Japanese style, he had no problems about doing it. Take off the headband and perhaps the awkward man version of the pigeon-toe pose, and one would have to agree that the outfit isn’t half-bad. We actually think he looks like those Japanese boys in gym uniforms.

Hello, everyone. First of all, let us apologize for the lack of updates lately. School’s been, well, school.

We’ve had some comments regarding the quality of our photos. So for this week’s set, we commissioned our good friend and resident photographer Mark Tiu to help us out with our style archives.


For the July issue of G Magazine, the Guidon’s lifestyle e-zine, Mark shot Pau Coherco. One of Hallway Pass’ girls assisted in the shoot and noticed Pau’s natural sense of confidence and genuine sense of style. Her style philosophy is all about class, and this easily translates into well-coordinated color combinations and proportions that work with her body type.

Watch out this week for more Hallway Pass entries. We guarantee to bring you a more diverse mix of fashionistas.

Is it just us, or are boat shoes making a good comeback? Paired with men’s short-shorts and casual polos, Sperry Topsiders are the new must-have footwear.

Everyone likes it so much, the brand has developed an entirely new line of shoes for the more fashion-forward. Yes, you can tell your dad to stop comparing his favorite shoes to your new kicks now.


HallwayPass_BrianIn doing business (or even just business school), it’s all about presentation, presentation, presentation. Dress codes, despite all the limitations they may impose, should not be treated as enemies, but as friends.

Sure, going to school in flip flops and breezy shirts feels like the best feeling in the world. It’s true.  Sometimes, one just has to part with the casual clothes and get ready for more serious dressing.

Throwing on the first thing one sees in the closet is easy enough, but for certain occasions, it pays to dress up. We don’t suggest full-armor tailored suits, but we do encourage wearing more structured clothing for presentations, meetings, and events of the like.

Clean lines, polished shoes, and tailored clothes may seem like ingredients for a perfectly boring outfit. But trust us, throw in an unexpected element, and your outfit will take you a long way in getting business done.

Here at Hallway Pass, we don’t believe in spending insane amounts of money in order to create interesting ensembles. Sometimes, all one needs to spruce up a wardrobe is to raid on old folk’s closet or head over to the nearest ukay-ukay.

Vintage, in all its old-world glory, can probably be hailed as the new not-so-secret indulgence of the truly stylish. Sometimes, it’s not enough to head to the mall to find clothing.

hallwaypass_kristine copy

Creating an ensemble is about creating a story, and when you have an outfit that has probably traveled more than you have (or is most likely older than you), wouldn’t you agree that it makes things more interesting?