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HallwayPass_BrianIn doing business (or even just business school), it’s all about presentation, presentation, presentation. Dress codes, despite all the limitations they may impose, should not be treated as enemies, but as friends.

Sure, going to school in flip flops and breezy shirts feels like the best feeling in the world. It’s true.  Sometimes, one just has to part with the casual clothes and get ready for more serious dressing.

Throwing on the first thing one sees in the closet is easy enough, but for certain occasions, it pays to dress up. We don’t suggest full-armor tailored suits, but we do encourage wearing more structured clothing for presentations, meetings, and events of the like.

Clean lines, polished shoes, and tailored clothes may seem like ingredients for a perfectly boring outfit. But trust us, throw in an unexpected element, and your outfit will take you a long way in getting business done.