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It comes with great pleasure to write about two individuals whose style sensibilities deeply reflect their interests. In this special entry of Hallway Pass, we bring you two distinctly different persons who have captured the essence of Japan. Not only do they both have a deep affinity for Japanese culture, they have also managed to translate that special quirk in their appearance.

Our featured show stoppers are in this entry for separate reasons. The first, to prove that one need not be in Tokyo to look like a cute manga character, and second, to portray the other, funnier, side of Japanese culture (well, look at Gian and you’ll know why).HallwayPass_Tata

Tata was initially iffy about classifying this particular look of her as “Japanese”. Her friends disagreed however. When you see in Tata in school, she might just be wearing an oversized shirt and jeans, but her choices of clothing, accessories (and yes, let’s not forget haircut) scream “kawaii desu!”.


Gian speaks Nihonggo like a seasoned pro and has no qualms about peppering his conversations with small tidbits about Tokyo. When elbowed to do this parody of Japanese style, he had no problems about doing it. Take off the headband and perhaps the awkward man version of the pigeon-toe pose, and one would have to agree that the outfit isn’t half-bad. We actually think he looks like those Japanese boys in gym uniforms.